Welcome to Internet Rechartering!

Internet Rechartering is a secure, easy to use application accessed from the Knox Trail Council’s website.  You can process your Charter from any PC with internet access, provided its security level is not set too high. 

Do not try to use a MAC.  The system has issues interfacing with MACs.  

If you are using “Explorer 8” you need to be in ‘Compatibility mode”.

Please be sure to take the time to read all the instruction sheets and information and collect and review all information BEFORE beginning your Rechartering.  Once you have reviewed the various forms, printed a copy of your current Unit Roster from Internet Advancement, collected all your new applications and forms you are ready to begin.

All the Log on and access information has been sent to your Unit Committee Chair of record.  If this person has changed, please contact them and ask for the letter that was sent to them.

To begin simply select the type of Unit that you are working on rechartering and you will be taken to a page that has all the information for that type of unit.

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All Charters are due by December 12.

Thank you for using the Internet Rechartering program to register your unit.




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