The Silver Beaver Nomination Process

As a movement whose leadership is overwhelmingly volunteer, the Boy Scouts of America recognizes the need to acknowledge the invaluable services that men and women render to youth. The recognitions are granted by one's own peers in Scouting for distinguished service to youth. Other BSA awards, by comparison, are granted only to those who have completed a prescribed course of study or have participated in special training sessions.

The Silver Beaver Award is one of the more prestigious awards made by the Boy Scouts of America. The award is presented by the National Boy Scouts and is the highest award that a local council can bestow on a volunteer for rendering outstanding service to Scout Youth. Established in 1931, the Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young people within a BSA local council. More than 50,000 recognitions have been conferred to date.

Acting through the National Court of Honor, the Boy Scouts of America may award the Silver Beaver for distinguished service to youth upon the following basis and procedure.

  • The award may be made each year upon the nomination of chartered local councils.
  • The award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth of registered Cub Scouters, Scouters, Varsity Scouters and Exploring leaders within the territory under the jurisdiction of a local council.
  • Each duly chartered council shall be entitled to one nomination. Councils having more than 60 units shall be entitled to further nominations on the basis of one for each additional 60 units or fraction thereof in their territory.
  • Long established policy limits the award of the Silver Beaver to adults (over 21) who are registered as volunteer Scouters.
  • Nominations will not be considered for former professional Scouters within 5 years of their leaving the profession.
  • Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.

* Nominations to be considered for the current year must be received in the Council Service Center by November 1, 2013.

*          * Any prior nominations should be updated annually.

* Any correspondence should be directed as follows:                                                                     

     Silver Beaver Nominating Committee
     c/o Matt Budz, Scout Executive
     Knox Trail Council, BSA
     490 Union Avenue
     Framingham, MA 01702

This information received in this nomination will be treated in a confidential manner.  Nominees should not be informed of the nomination.

Please furnish the information requested in the following Silver Beaver Nomination Form as applicable to the nominee.  The Knox Trail Council Silver Beaver Nomination Committee requests that you include full details and dates in supplying this information.  Please print or type the nomination form.

It is important that you state the reasons why you believe the nomineeís service has been outstanding, either as a Unit, District and/or Council Scouter.  Also, it is important to illustrate the individualís non-Scouting service to their community via civic, religious, business and other affiliations.  Although length of service rendered receives consideration, it is even more important that the service be of an outstanding nature; i.e., that the contribution made through leadership and service be far reaching in its effect on helping to provide boys with the best program of Scouting.

Nominations for candidates to be considered for 2014 are due at the Council Service Center by November 1, 2013. This is one month earlier than previous years.

Silver Beaver Nomination Form              Knox Trail Council Silver Beaver Honor Roll 1931 - 2014


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