Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA.

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exist today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies:

Effective June 1, 2010:

Youth Protection Training is required for all registered volunteers.

New leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before they submit their application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years. If a volunteerís Youth Protection Training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be reregistered.

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:

If you have not taken Youth Protection Training within the past two years, please log on to www.myscouting.org and take the training. Be sure to have your member ID number. The number can be found on your Boy Scouts of America membership card.

If you do not know your member ID number, contact your unit leader or committee chairman. Your council can also assist you.

If you have taken Youth Protection Training online but did not input your member ID number, please log back on to the Training section of www.myscouting.org and input your member ID so the training will be linked with your records.

If you have taken Youth Protection Training within the past two years but did not take the course online, log on to www.myscouting.org  to ensure your records are up to date, or contact your council and have them verify that your Youth Protection Training records are accurate.

Finally, please share these important changes with other Scouters.

Youth Protection Training is available online at www.myscouting.org 

To find out more about the Youth Protection policies of the Boy Scouts of America and how to help Scouting keep your family safe, see the information available in any of the Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting handbooks, or go to www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspxExternal Link 

Thank you for your commitment to our nationís young people and to Scouting.

Download PDF of letter to hand out:  Changes to Youth Protection Policies

Download a Frequently Asked Questions Sheet:  Youth Protection FAQ's  (June 3, 2010)

Knox Trail Council Youth Protection Reporting Procedures (May 2012)


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